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all-encompassing work of art

Barbara Billy Bürckner (Germany) and Hari Chon (South Korea) developed this artwork for a competition with the topic "Strom fließt" which can translate as “current flow”.

From 01.11.2013 until 31.12.2013 we alternately wrote daily emails to each other. With these emails we gave each other a new task every day. For example: “Watch a movie and eat popcorn.”, “Set no alarm for Tuesday.” or “Use as many lifts and escalators as possible.” We had to work on the task on the day it was assigned and then we had to create something in a medium we thought suitable. We decided on a guideline that the final results should not be larger than the size of a DIN A4 sheet of paper.

At the exhibition you could view a wall with 61 different pieces; one piece for one result of a daily task. We also presented the emails in small booklets. The result is an all-encompassing work of art consisting of photographs, small sculptures, ready-mades, performance documentation, prints, drawings, one video, a scientific evaluation, a song and a cucumber.