< Tea for drawing and activity >

The performance took place from 12.07 – 19.07-2013 in the city Kirchheim unter Teck/ Germany with the following exhibition »mon rambou« at the gallery Städtische Galerie im Kornhaus.

During the city project »mon rambou« in Kirchheim unter Teck I explored the area around the Ramboulliet Square in the west city and the city center with a mobile tea stall. I offered black tea to passers-by and asked for a drawing or a performance (which I documented as a picture according to their instruction) in return.

Across five different places 24.5 liters of tea were drunk in six days. The result is a total of 151 drawings and 11 actions. The participants were mainly children and teenagers from the age of 8 to 19, their grandparents and adults with a migrant background.