< Strengthen the City – with Tea & Plants >

Tea strengthens the people.
Plants strengthen the city.

The Tea & Plants Performance for the city “Kirchheim unter Teck”, in celebration of the opening of the new public park “Bürgerpark Herrschaftsgärten - Hain der Kulturen”, started on June 1st 2014 at 3:30 p.m. The purpose of this new park is to bring people from different cultures together.

I offered a mixture of black tea and calendula tea. While black tea is invigorating, calendula is famous for its antiseptic and healing qualities. Together they form a powerful blend that can boost the body. The people of Kirchheim were invited to share and enjoy a refreshing cup of tea.

At the same time the people of Kirchheim could take the chance to pass on this energy to the city of Kirchheim. I offered them calendula flower seeds. By planting calendula in a place of their choice, they could bring that place to life and strengthen it. These flowers, like the “Hain der Kulturen”, will provide a positive boost to the city and its people.

Pictures by Barbara Billy Bürckner and Kerstin Schäfer.