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drawing (30 cm × 1739 cm) in an installation, accompanying text, original forms

The income tax return form is a so-called Declaration Form and 13 million citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany complete it annually. The German income tax return instruction manual of 2013 explains on page 3 how to complete the form:

»Complete clearly and entirely only the white fields of the forms. Changes to the text are not allowed. Full details are also required even if the Tax Office has determined an allowance for the tax withheld from wages. If the allocated space is not sufficient, please put the information on a special sheet. [...]«

For this project I completed the German income tax return forms of 2013 and used them as a guideline for my drawing. I strictly followed the rules of the income tax return instruction manual. I used the forms ESt1A, ESt1C, ESt1V as well as the attachments 34a, AUS, AV, AVEÜR, EÜR, FW, G, KAP, child, L, N, N-OFF N-Gre, R, S, SO, St, SZE, U, alimony, V, VL, utilities expenses, Viticulture and interest barrier.

I self-published 100 unique books of “Forms” in spring 2014.