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The room-installation was made for the vaulted cellar at Ludwigstraße 26 in Kaufbeuren. The history of the building and the structural elements and characteristics of the vaulted cellar influenced the art work. The sculptures »in between« and »upside down« are references to the groined vault itself. The art work »malt« plays with the history of the basement as a former storage for malt. The source of the »fake fossils« are dendrites (mineral iron and manganese deposits on rock which look like “real” fossils; so called pseudo-fossils) which can be found in the tiles made from Solnhofener limestone.

»in between« sculpture, wooden arch between the pillars, 4 m × 1,45 m × 0,6 m

»upside down« installation, 4 m × 4 m mirroring base plates, wood plates, four lamps

»fake fossils« two-part sculptures made of carpet
width of carpet with hole 1,5 m × 4 m and cut-out about 1,6 m × 1,2 m
framed carpet, each 61 cm × 91 cm

»malt« installation, embankment in the window shaft traces, malt, wood board

Pictures of the vernissage by Janine Wolter. Other pictures by Barbara Billy Bürckner.

Feel free to read my detailed research here as PDF.